Welcome to the MAGIC WISH LIST!
Have you ever wanted to be able to ask for all the stuff you really want and NEED the most in your life, but didn't have any place to do that?

All that stuff that just keeps bugging you, the things you work on but don't seem to get anywhere. Even after you worked with all those OTHER spiritual gurus, maybe even paid good $$$money$$$ for, but nothing really changed?

Yo, were they even LISTENING?

WE ARE!  We wanna help. (We've been there, too.)
So tell us about it.
What you really want and don't know how to get.
This is the place. Go for it!

How happy are you with your spiritual life right now? *

What frustrates you the most about your spiritual life right now?

If you answered "Other" to the last question, tell us about it here:

If there were one area of your life you wish you could improve the most, what would it be?

Okay, so maybe choosing one area is too hard. Pick as many as you like.

If you answered "Other" to the last question, tell us about it here:

What HASN'T worked for you in the past?

If you answered "Other" to the last question, tell us about it here:

If we could wave a magic wand and give you the perfect solution (other than the winning Powerball numbers), what would it be?

What else goes on your Magic Wish List?

If you could have anything and everything you want, what would it be? (Okay, that might be a pretty long list, but see how much of it will fit here. Go ahead. We're listening.)
Woohoo! So awesome you did this. Can't you feel the solutions just zizzing towards you right now? Oh, this is gonna be GOOD!

We really appreciate you doing this, so we wanna give you our FREE "Return to Home" Twin-Flame Energy meditation to say thanks. Just pop your name and email in the spaces below, and you'll get our super-stellar Awakenings LoveNotes as well. (No spam, we promise!)

So, name goes in the first space, hit Enter, then email goes in the second space. (Awkward, we know.)

You can unsubscribe anytime, but it would make us really sad and some puppies would definitely cry. And maybe some baby goats, too. :(

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